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The press pass includes numerous custom safety features that allow for its authentication. It is issued in the form of a plastic card featuring a color gradient and special printing technique. It is only valid for one year and will change its appearance thereafter, making it nearly impossible to forge the USPA press pass.

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Journalist Press Card

The internationally recognized press pass from USPA

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Journalist Press Card

A journalist's most important tool is the press pass. A press pass constitutesproof of your journalistic occupation. Even simple accreditation processes often require a press pass.

Journalist Press Card - United States Press Agency (USPA)

The United States Press Agency (USPA) is among the leading professional and industry groups in the United States. The agency oversees more than 3,000 journalists, press photographers and reporters worldwide. USPA represents the professional, social and legal interests of authors, journalists, press photographers, PR executives and other media representatives (see: agency profile).
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Journalist Press Card - FAQ

Who qualifies for a press pass?
Anyone who is working as a journalist, whether part time or full time, may apply for a press pass. Many journalism associations only accept members who are full-time practicing journalists. However, the number of journalists who have side jobs as editors, PR representatives, press photographers or bloggers is increasing. The USPA speaks up for this clientele and aims to ensure that they enjoy the same benefits as other journalists.

Who issues the press pass?
The USPA press pass, which is standardized across America, is issued by the United States Press Agency  The USPA press pass is printed in two languages (English and German) and may therefore be used not only in the United States but also abroad, ensuring its validity around the globe. The USPA press pass is recognized and valued in the United States, Canada and Europe.

How much does the press pass cost?
The press pass is issued free of charge as part of a membership with the United States Press Agency Our press agency is one of the most affordable in the world. A membership with USPA, which includes the international press pass, press ID card (Reporter card), press vehicle ID, personal letter of assignment and other accessories such as stickers, credential holders, etc., is comprised of the following:

One-time registration fee of $108 and annual membership fee of $48. The annual membership fee is prorated for the current year.


Journalist Press Card - Your advantages with USPA

  • Benefit from special deals for media representatives
  • Text portal as well as a photo portal to help you market yourself
  • Internationally recognized press pass, authorized letter of assignment, press ID card (Reporter card), certified USPA press vehicle ID, as well as other accessories such as stickers,….
  • Job procurement through our partners in the writing and photography business
  • Extensive lobbying efforts both in Europe and the USA
  • Job fairs and professional directories
  • Continuing education and help with accreditation processes
  • Advice via email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Access to various events and trade fairs

Get your international press pass with its free extended benefits at no additional charge. Just complete our online press pass application.


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Journalist Press Card


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Media relations - further information about Journalist Press Card available at ...

Journalist Press Card




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