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Press pass

General information about the press pass

A press pass is an important tool for full-time and part-time journalists. It allows them to identify themselves to agencies, event organizers and businesses. A press pass is a document that identifies its owner as a professional journalist, which is tremendously helpful when conducting in-depth research. A press pass makes access to events, blocked-off areas and a variety of information much easier. Journalists who would like to be added to a media mailing list or participate in a press conference are often asked for proof of their journalistic occupation, which a press pass provides. Agencies, organizers and businesses may easily verify whether or not someone is really a journalist.

Press passes as distinguishing mark for professional media makers

In order to receive a press pass, you have to provide proof of your occupation as a journalist. Press passes are issued exclusively by umbrella organizations and press agencies, and in most cases are approved only for journalists in full-time employment. The press pass has become the distinguishing mark of every professional journalist and is recognized by agencies, institutions and businesses around the globe.

Special features of the United States Press Agency (USPA) press pass

A press pass issued by the United States Press Agency includes all advantages of a press pass; however, it may also be requested by freelance and part-time journalists. Starting immediately, you may order a valid press pass from the United States Press Agency (USPA). The one-time registration fee is USD 108, plus an annual membership fee of USD 48.

Fraud prevention: Genuineness and safety features

In order to prevent fraud, the United States Press Agency (USPA) press pass features numerous customized safety features. The genuineness of a press pass may be verified by comparing the document on hand with the identifying features on the USPA website. In case of doubt, you may contact the national headquarters of the United States Press Agency directly. Upon request, agencies and businesses may review additional authenticating features. The information brochure "A valid press pass - This is how it looks" - available from the USPA national headquarters - provides additional security and help with verifying genuine press passes.

Why are such dramatic safety measures necessary?

Criminals continuously try to disseminate apparent press passes that are fake or have been altered. Hence, it is important that a genuine press pass can be authenticated beyond a doubt and is unforgeable. Questions about all aspects of the press pass can be answered by the employees of the United States Press Agency (USPA) national headquarters.

Important notes

You must be at least 18 years old in order to become a member of USPA. In cooperation with the US government and international law enforcement agencies, we are no longer able to accept membership applications from individuals from the following countries or regions:

Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Kongo, Pakistan, North Korea, Burundi, Lebanon, India, Chad, Iran, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Colombia, Nepal, Yemen, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia

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