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Editorial contributions

Becoming a contributor for a USPA News beat offers part-time and full-time journalists a great opportunity for creating and publishing editorial content on a verifiable platform. Your cooperation with USPA News ( offers numerous advantages: Publications such as news briefs, investigative reports, news reports and editorials reach thousands of readers in the press and media world. Furthermore, you may establish a link to your own Internet page, and your name will be included in the legal notice. USPA News constitutes proof of publication for third parties. In certain cases, an official letter of accreditation from the editorial office may be provided.

Becoming an editorial contributor for USPA News not only requires creativity and ingenuity but also excellent language skills as well as a sense of enjoyment from working with a PC and the Internet. The ability to work independently, commitment and reliability are essential for our cooperation. A journalist´s age is negligible, but experience with journalistic work is important. Journalists who pursue their work on a part-time or full-time status may become editorial contributors.

Becoming a contributor for USPA News is an unbureaucratic process. After receiving your reference materials and text samples, the editorial staff will objectively evaluate your work. USPA News editorial staff will then provide feedback about the conditions for and extent of a potential cooperation. You may also send a creative email with relevant details to initiate contact with the USPA News editorial office.

USPA News allows you to establish a Customized Beat. The beat is administered directly by its owner, allowing journalists, authors, photojournalists, etc. to publish articles and photographic material in real time and enable downloads - without any delay. Timestamps are used to ensure proof of publication, allowing the creator to provide irrefutable evidence to third parties about when a specific article or photo was published. Commercial rights to all image and text material are handled directly by the creator rather than USPA News. This way, the owner gets to keep 100% of all royalties. How is this possible? USPA News is among the most profitable businesses in the area of online-based news marketing and is financed exclusively from the cash flow generated.

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