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Press distribution lists

In the Internet age, press distribution lists are vital for numerous online portals that aim to provide reliable and comprehensive information for their visitors. Websites such as Yahoo or AOL have already established themselves as online providers of news and headlines, and for years, the demand for news over the Internet has risen continuously. Thanks to our partnership with PRESS BOX, you, too, will be able to take advantage of various benefits for your website.

PRESS BOX offers a variety of communication channels, thanks to our extensive partnerships with journalists and editorial offices around the globe. Our network keeps expanding, comprising an ever-growing professional journalism service. By expanding your individual network, you are creating a better and more targeted supply for your own medium.

The Internet age makes it easier than ever to collect customized information and relay it to newspapers, TV stations or online providers in a multimedia format. PRESS BOX offers daily access to comprehensive, up-to-date news from businesses, associations, political parties or event organizers, while allowing you to make your own information available to up to 12,000 editorial offices. You may even draw interest in select products, services or events that have not received the attention they deserve due to a lack of PR. To avoid getting lost in the constant flood of press releases and advertisements, PRESS BOX lets you send customized information to editorial offices and clients that is consistent with their requirements and your journalistic skills. PRESS BOX is also a vital tool for businesses that want to advertise their services and increase sales numbers.

A modern media and marketing campaign is dependent on many factors and must be designed with the size of the business and the target audience in mind. Using PRESS BOX and our services, you will benefit from an extensive USPA network that allows you to conduct efficient PR work within a short time period. From determining the perfect timing for an independent ad campaign to selecting the best marketing tools or contacting appropriate editorial offices and media institutions, we are happy to help you reach the right target audience for your products or events. Various communication modules within PRESS BOX further help you discover the individual advantages of different media channels and develop a multimedia campaign that suits your needs.

Reaching thousands of editorial offices in a short time

Although PRESS BOX has no influence on whether or not your information will actually appear in print or online, distributing your press releases to more than 18,000 editorial offices significantly increases the likelihood of publication. Over time, you´ll create a growing directory of new contacts, who, over months and years, may increasingly boost the prominence of your press releases.

When you fill out our contact form, you can specify which media you would like to target. After a few days, you will receive a detailed proposal from PRESS BOX. If you are satisfied, simply sign and return it. Upon receipt of payment, we submit your news release to the selected editorial offices, provided we have received a digital copy. USPA acts merely as an agent for all your press releases. The actual service is run exclusively by PRESS BOX.

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