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Full-time and part-time journalists often dream of their own beat that makes the professional presentation of editorial content a matter of minutes while allowing them to reach potential publishers from all media sectors. The USPA News editorial system allows you to release your journalistic output to a significantly larger public and thus appeals not only to freelance journalists. Whether you want to dive into the world of celebrities as a fashion reporter or write meaningful articles about your region - the USPA News editorial system makes your work as a reporter much easier and enables publication on a freely selectable subdomain.

As the owner of a USPA News subdomain, you have access to a versatile platform where you can present your press photos as well as reports, professional articles and other journalistic products under your own name. The extensive USPA News network guarantees new readers all the time, increasing your own name recognition as well as the level of awareness about the topics you cover. Simply complete the quick and straightforward application process to take advantage of these benefits!

Managing your own editorial system without programming skills

The online USPA News editorial system is guaranteed easy and ready to use. Managing your Customized Beat does not require any knowledge of programming language or other technical skills. Focus only on the substance of your work and process your articles and images in just a few steps using a customized, professional online system. Basic computer skills are all you need to manage your beat.

The USPA News editorial system mainly serves the purpose of presenting your journalistic references, presenting credible and reliable proof of your occupation, and thus facilitating research efforts and accreditation processes. Name entry into the legal notice of the Customized Beat signals a position with editorial responsibility. Of course, the USPA News editorial system also helps you promote your content so that marketing articles or photos becomes easier and generates more income, whether in the area of business or features, sports or automotive, finance or new media. Simply apply for USPA News editorial status - its free!

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