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Professional Journalists:

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Media representatives may be eligible for certain benefits in the line of their work, such as free admission to events or discounted car rentals. Don´t miss out. To get an international press pass, you need accreditation or an assignment letter and journalistic work experience. Journalistic work includes the following:

  • Trade fair visits (research)
  • Press or media photographer
  • Event reporter
  • Blogger
  • Cinematographer
  • Podcaster
  • PR work for an association
  • Investigative journalist
  • Freelance PR work
  • Travel writer
  • Screenwriter/in
  • Movie or theater critic
  • Documentary maker
  • Advertising or PR professionals
  • Local news reporter
  • Freelance copywriter
  • Online editor
  • Tourism marketing
  • Reviews of books/CDs
  • Online content contributor

Other benefits: We offer insider tips on how to be successful in the news business and a chance to earn some income on the side. We also offer practical advice that is so easy to apply, it is the next best thing to a personal consultation. Visit our members area to learn more, including:

  • Clever tricks to help you score invitations to celebrity events
  • Using your press pass when you´re traveling abroad
  • Professional perks: Free samples for journalists
  • Competitive advantage: Rise above the crowd with (insider) information
  • How to deal with government agencies
  • Practical tips for journalists
  • Tried and true methods for landing assignments
  • The press vehicle ID and its uses
  • In addition: All about media discounts!

Officially recognized press pass

Journalists can take advantage of many benefits that facilitate their daily work, help them gain access to events and sources, and save them cash. A press pass is your ticket to the media world, with all its events and social gatherings. Only registered journalists are eligible for a press pass. Used correctly, it will be the key to your professional success.

  • International recognition
  • Eligibility for media discounts
  • Forgery proof
  • Simple process
  • Valid around the globe
  • Maximum benefits
  • Cancel anytime
  • 24/7 support included
  • Certified press credentials
  • Short processing time
  • Press vehicle ID included
  • Accreditation
  • Keepsake certificate
  • Official press ID card

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