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The Truth about Press Passes

There´s no way around it: If you are working as a professional journalist, you need a press pass. It doesn´t matter if you are a full-time staff reporter or a part-time freelancer. Whether you are doing research or trying to gain access to restricted areas or special events, a press pass is your ticket to journalistic success. It establishes your right to gather information and can be useful when you are traveling on international assignments. Journalists around the globe join press associations to get this coveted credential. Without a press pass, doing your job would be much harder: agencies, news organizations and event organizers would have to devote time and effort to verify a person´s journalistic background on a case-by-case basis.

Invaluable tool

The press pass is an important credential for all journalists, no matter if they are working in a full-time or part-time capacity. It allows you to establish your professional identity when you are dealing with event organizers, agencies and businesses and thus serves as an essential component in the press freedom toolkit.

A press pass proves that a person is really a journalist

When event organizers or officials examine a press pass, they pay close attention to the legitimacy of the issuing organization. Journalists who want to subscribe to a media mailing list or visit press conferences may also face scrutiny. This is why it is important to have a valid press pass from a reputable news agency. A recognized press pass facilitates the interaction between journalists and their sources by eliminating the need to verify the reporter´s professional background.

A press pass helps journalists do their job

A press pass also helps journalists in their every-day reporting, especially when it comes to unobstructed research. Not only does it facilitate access to special events, restricted areas or information sources, it also brings about other benefits such as media discounts from select partners.

A standard for the profession

Only people who can substantiate their journalistic work are eligible for a press pass. Recognized press passes for professional journalists are available from press associations such as the United States Press Agency (USPA). Keeping standards high ensures that government agencies, including law enforcement, as well as businesses accept this credential as proof of a journalist´s legitimacy.

Beware of fraudulent offers

Not every press pass is made equal. There are big differences when it comes to this credential. Some businesses and organizations have discovered press passes as a lucrative business model and sell fake press passes for profit. Instead of focusing on the reporting benefits associated with a press pass, these providers promote only the pass itself, which is often no more than a worthless piece of paper bearing the letters "Press Pass." The more passes they sell, the higher their profit margin.

Do your due diligence

Frivolous press pass providers can often be identified by their unprofessional websites. Some may also try to get you to publish your articles and photos on equally unprofessional online platforms.

More information can be found here!

How can you identify a legitimate press pass?

The most important way to distinguish between a fake and a legitimate press pass is by examining the credential itself. Legitimate, recognized press passes are plastic cards in credit card format, which are printed with special technology that includes color gradients and a Guilloché pattern. To further discourage forgery attempts, a press pass is only valid for one year.

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