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United States Press Agency NEWS (uspa24.com)

USPA News provides multimedia content for print and online media. In addition to disseminating media-relevant information, USPA News responsibilities include the support of beginning, established as well as part-time journalists.

The USPA News - press and information portal

USPA News press and information portal provides a means for full-time and part-time journalists to publish editorial content. This way, news, professional articles, reports, photos and more can be made accessible. In turn, USPA News regularly receives up-to-date reports, articles, news, interviews, stories, image material, as well as information about trade shows and other events. A USPA News reporter may establish a Customized Beat within the press and information portal, which will ensure maximum timeliness, clarity and individuality. With just a few steps, reporters, authors, press photographers and journalists can publish their work. The sale and marketing of any commercial rights to images or articles is the responsibility of the USPA News reporter. Thus, the individual USPA News reporter gets to keep 100% of all royalties. This makes the USPA News press and information portal a perfect partner in the area of online news marketing. USPA News further acts as an agent for systematic networking with readers, editorial offices and businesses. USPA News is neutral and independent, which means that journalistic work is not limited by professional associations or third-party interests.

This is how a cooperation with USPA News works

Becoming a contributor for the international press agency USPA News is a straightforward process. After submitting their articles, editorials, reports, photos, etc., journalists receive constructive feedback from USPA News editorial staff about whether and to which extent a cooperation is possible. Letters confirming assignment may be issued for one beat at a time. To initiate contact, we recommend using the contact form "USPA News editorial staff." Members of the United States Press Agency (USPA) may find further information in the members-only section.

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