February 27, 2024 | 07:30 am
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USPA in comparison

Anyone with a steady job in journalism, whether full time or part time, is naturally drawn to a membership in a journalistic or press association, which allows journalists to pursue their work in an unhampered and professional way. The decision makes sense considering the benefits, which include receiving a press pass; however, selecting the right press association is not always an easy task. Unlike many other associations, USPA is one of the few press and news agencies that is open to media professionals, photographers, reporters, journalists and PR representatives who pursue their journalistic work on a part-time basis.

Immediately following completion of your registration, we will send you confirmation of your membership. This will provide you with your USPA member ID as well as information on how to pay your membership fee. Once we have received your payment, we will send all your other press credentials via postal mail.

The United States Press Agency offers more than just a press pass.

USPA Other organizations
Independent press and news agency some
extensive experience, since 1998 some
Open for part-time journalists some
Member verification using current status inquiry rarely
Marketing portals for USPA members rarely
Open to newcomers and career changers rarely
Low annual membership fee only 48 USD up to 300 USD
PRESS ID card and press vehicle ID for your car included some
Letter of accreditation from the editorial office include rarely
Free use of www.uspa24.com
Unbureaucratic process for issuing ID cards obligation to produce supporting documents
Internationally recognized press pass some
Exclusion of part-time journalist yes, very often the case
Press pass from US PRESS AGENCY no
Registered press agency some

Summary: Benefits and press pass

Expensive annual fees and missing benefits compared to full-time journalists are the main reasons why journalists who work part time frequently decide against a membership in a press association. This creates a disadvantage for freelance journalists, who have to practice their profession under adverse conditions. In contrast, USPA only charges $48 per year for its services and the right to receive a press pass.

The United States Press Agency (USPA) - Your multifaceted partner

USPA has been active as a press agency since 1998 and offers its members comprehensive support services spanning all areas of journalistic activity. Unlike most other agencies, we also issue press passes or press ID cards for freelancers, part-time journalists and bloggers. Our press agency belongs to numerous organizations and strives to maintain a high quality of editorial coverage in all areas. This is our contribution to independent journalism, which is not just practiced by world-renowned journalism organizations and huge press associations.

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